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About Us

Who We Are

New Paradigm for Education (NPFE) is a non-profit Charter Management Organization (CMO) comprised of educational practitioners, community advocates, and business leaders who have dedicated years of service to children.

We specialize in maximizing student learning potential through proven education practices and managing all phases of school design, planning, and program implementation. In addition, NPFE is pleased to offer the following services :

  • Curriculum Development and Refinement
  • Leadership, Teaching and Learning Academy
  • School Improvement Planning
  • School Culture Building
  • Board Compliance and Liaison Support
  • Communications and Community Engagement Training
  • Maintenance and Physical Plant Services


NPFE acts as a portal to educational reform in high need areas and challenges a new paradigm of educational systems evident by increased student achievement, fiscal responsibility, and community support.


  • Higher graduation rates +
  • Close achievement gap +
  • Tipping point – systemic change +
  • Increased educational attainment +
  • Better prepared workforce = A BETTER PREPARED WORLD CLASS CITY

Core Values

College Readiness

NPFE provides a rigorous curriculum and develops non-academic factors that contribute to our students’ success in college. Responsibility, strong character, and self-study skills are developed through systematic programming and simulated activities.

Student Supports

NPFE meets students “where they are” and creates individualized learning plans to provide direction for academic success. Full scale support services including blended learning instruction, life coaches, school day and after-school tutors and counseling to name a few.

Community Engagement

NPFE schools are neighborhood beacons and often provide a sense of security for the families served. We develop strong community partnerships and align extended programming with the concerns and issues facing families today. NPFE’s partners including parents, civic personnel, and the business community, collaboratively develop authentically engaging program to create safe, stable environments for tomorrow’s work force. We recommend you visit our partner’s site – website that helps you write an essay!