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NPFE aims to provide an academic experience that offers a global perspective and continues the Detroit Edison Public School Academy (DEPSA) learning culture of academic rigor, emphasis on character excellence, along with a focus on service to local and global communities. Most importantly, when children, teachers, and parents know what is expected of them, they are better able to meet those expectations. With this in mind, ELA and Math curriculum based on Michigan’s Core Curriculum, has been developed for NPFE schools.

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All NPFE educators go through an annual intensive training program to prepare them to teach our rigorous curriculum, with 50 hours of professional development required prior to school opening as compared to anywhere from 0 to 8 hours of traditionally mandated professional development in other settings. This annual two-week, team-building “Teachers Academy” is a rigorous staff development program, which fosters teacher collaboration and establishes a peer monitoring system and mentor program using data-based evaluation criteria to ensure all NPFE educators are “day-one ready” for each school year.

Academic Resources

NPFE is committed to the continued development of instructional materials to support its student’s academic standards. Students with disabilities, special needs, or who are at-risk are supported through differentiated instruction in the classroom as part of our company-wide inclusion model. We will provide academic writing service for helping students. Students also receive homework assistance and skills review in math, reading, and writing. As an additional layer of support and resources, student and parent tutoring will also be available for identified students.