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New Paradigm for Education (NPFE) understands the need for high performing leaders in the new marketplace. This is why NPFE has created an intensive leadership training program to attract, cultivate and develop high quality leaders for our schools. Top leadership is a critical element in the longevity and success of schools growing in a Culture of Achievement.

Teaching & Instruction

Skilled professionals. At every level. It’s what provides us with the ability to set ever-higher standards of achievement for our students – and what provides them with the ability to attain these standards. We are always looking for teachers, administrators and staff who know how to plan and deliver instruction and create a school environment that is best for all students. Constantly raising the level of expectations; creating a challenging environment that demands exemplary performance without compromise.

Support Services

Support staff such as, office staff, maintenance, instructional support, and security all play an important role in supporting every aspect of school operation.

Employment Notices

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