College Readiness

College Readiness is our focus from day one. New Paradigm College Prep Academy is a participant NPFE’s College Advance Initiative (CAI).  The CAI directly impacts all grade levels by reinforcing college readiness, using a research based curriculum that prepares students for the rigor of college while also helping to develop and support them to, through and beyond college.

New Paradigm College Prep Academy charter school provides a rigorous curriculum and develops academic skills that contribute to our students’ success in college.  Responsibility, strong character and self-study skills are also developed through organized programming and activities.

Community Engagement & Partnerships
NPFE charter schools are neighborhood beacons and often provide a sense of security for the families we serve.  We also develop strong community partnerships and align extended programming with the concerns and issues facing families today.  NPFE ‘s partners including, parents, civic personnel, and the business community, joined together to develop practical, engaging programs that create safe, stable environments for today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce.